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Woo Hoo!!!!! First Chapter- The Crying Season by D.K. Hood

PrologueLast fall “Run and don’t look back.” Shots peppered the undergrowth, and splintered trees showered Paige Allen with bark. She strangled a scream and gaped at the crimson patch spreading across the front of her fiancĂ©’s shirt. “I’m not leaving you.” She grabbed Dawson’s arm, willing him to move.       “Go!” Dawson stared at her with unfocused eyes and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. “Please… go.”         Terrified, she willed her feet to move and rolled into the bushes. She could hear someone crashing through the trees then more shots rang out. Dawson’s body contorted as bullets pierced his flesh. He took two unsteady steps forward then fell face down on the trail. His fingers clawed the dirt in a feeble attempt to survive, then he lay staring at her with unseeing eyes. She knuckled the sob threatening to escape her mouth. Oh my God, he’s dead. In the distance, she could hear something big moving toward her through the undergrowth. In disbelief and unable to move, she g…

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